3rd Challenger – Kitty Star

“Hi everyone, Star here. I’m an all-white persian odd-eyed kitty because one of my eyes is blue and the other one is gold. Mum says i’m a princess and i am pretty. I love my mum! Do you still want to see more pictures of me? Just visit mum’s page and she blogs about me (and my furry friends) every Cat Purrday Friday. Kitty hugs to all. Thank you.”




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20 responses to “3rd Challenger – Kitty Star

  1. Hmmm .. looks like I may have just lost LOL

  2. So beautiful… so beautiful. Blessing and Happiness and Good Luck, love, nia

  3. Star is just too gorgeous for words.

  4. Looking at you, kid …. Good luck!

  5. Reblogged this on my sweetpainteddreams and commented:
    Hello everyone.. here’s my entry to 6th RPC by Rodposse and her theme now is Animals That We Have..

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  7. She’s beautiful. πŸ™‚

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