End of part one

This is the end of part one
of the 6th  RPC
You have 2 and a half days
Only for voting!
I give you this half day because
in the mostof the challengers I didn’t upload
their picture on time..!
So these are the challengers

  1. Alastair
  2. Rossella Sferlazzo
  3. elizz
  4. Elizabeth Turner
  5. Terri Walton
  6. Chelsea
  7. Nia Sun
  8. Scott Marshall 
  9. Valerie
  10. Nicole Hawkins
  11. Iain MacFadzean
  12. Carl Milner
  13. Tom Weder
  14. Viveka a.k.a. Big Girl
  15. Linda Mcdonnell
  16. Sylvia
  17. Shannon O’neill
  18. Ausaf  Abidi
  19. Seonaid Green
  20. Alec Smith
  21. Aki Hamasaki
  22. Bella Remy
  23. Jay Caboz
  24. Stephanie Rowe
  25. Mari Campbell

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One response to “End of part one

  1. Thanks again for doing this … and once again tight race .. have to go for the killing *smile – never helped me. *smile

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