16th Challenger – Giraffe


”Mr Gerry Giraffe was all mine when he saw what I’d brought for him, and I soon had him eating out of my hand.”



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21 responses to “16th Challenger – Giraffe

  1. Can’t come any closer – great shot – Good luck!

  2. Oh I see, you want to be famous 🙂 Lovely one. Good Luck, love, nia

  3. Don’t be so close, or perhaps you’ll be kissed by Mr. Gerry 😀
    Good luck!

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  5. Sous Chef

    I clicked ‘like’ is that how you vote???

  6. Gerry is certainly one happening guy!

  7. I’d kill for those lashes! (Ok. Maybe not kill, but…)
    Awesome shot, ad.

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