20th Challenger – A Lifetime Together

Alec Smith
”These two were rescue cats (from an experimental farm) and whilst this image doesn’t say it, they were very, very distrusting when we first got them. It took 6 months to be able to get close enough to stroke them without being mauled. After that time they became our best friends and were inseparable. They had so far spent 14 years together before we sadly lost the grey in the autumn.”



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16 responses to “20th Challenger – A Lifetime Together

  1. This is so sad…. but how nice of you. My cat is a rescued one too. I loved this photograph, Good Luck. Love, nia

  2. Love this…
    And, sorry for your loss….

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  4. This is so precious! I think you have the winner here 🙂

  5. I know how it’s to lose … lost both of mine – Whiskey & Zoda. Love this photo. Good luck to you!

    • Thank you for the thoughts. Zoda, what a great name. Ours were Cajun & Cyrus (Cyrus is the B&W survivor)

      • Thanks for coming back to me … somebody has said that cat love names with letter ” S” in – don’t have a clue if it’s true … but they listen better when they are kittens to a name with S-sound. Whiskey he just moved into me as an adult cat. So I had to rename him.

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  7. Sorry for your loss. I am dreading the day when I lose my current furry friends. These cats are beautiful though, and rescuing animals is always an amazing thing to do.

  8. So sorry that you lost these precious two. I’ve rescued countless kitties, some of which I found homes for and some stayed with me. I had a stable feral colony (all neutered and spayed) numbering 4, and four inside kitties (also all feral – or born in the wild). Thanks for doing your part in saving these poor furbabies. It’s so sad to lose them. I’m down to three now.

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