24th Challenger – Elephant

Stephanie Rowe
”This photo was taken while participating in an Elephant Mahout (Handler) training program in the North of Thailand in the Golden Triangle. After a few hours I was sitting atop an elephant and with a simple verbal instruction off we would go turning whichever way I asked.”



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5 responses to “24th Challenger – Elephant

  1. seems elephant so happy… Good Luck, love, nia

  2. I love elephants. Such a cool pic! Makes me a bit sad to see the tusks gone…. 😦

  3. All of the elephants there had no tusks, they’re all rescue elephants. I have a short video on my blog about this experience http://realfootprints.com/2013/01/20/an-amazing-elephant-experience/
    All the elephants and Mahouts there were very happy!

  4. Brilliant … and happy photo – good luck to you!

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